AcroPlot Auto is the real workhorse that can convert entire drives of drawings to both PDF and DWF files. AcroPlot Auto can even run continuously or at schedules times.

Convert From Multiple Formats

Convert files from multiple formats. Over 40 formats supported including: DWG, DXF, DWF, PLT, TIFF, CALS, GP4, DOC, and XLS.

Convert to Multiple Formats

Convert all of your drawings to a non-proprietary format that anyone can view, read, and print without costly proprietary viewing software.

Convert Watched Folders

AcroPlot Auto can watch various folders or entire drives to convert files when they are changed. This allows you to keep your files up-to-date so non CAD users can easily view the files.

Convert Entire Drives

AcroPlot Auto can be used to convert entire drives of files. AcroPlot Auto is perfect for converting all of your legacy data to PDF, DWF, and Image formats.

Schedule Conversion Times

AcroPlot Auto allows you to schedule the conversion times. Run your conversions at night when your AutoCAD licenses are not in use.

Integrate With Your Workflow

AcroPlot Auto can be easily integrated with your existing document management solutions using either our COM(ActiveX) or Command Line interfaces.