AcroPlot Repro Revision History

AcroPlot Repro Current Version = 2023-09-18

You must be current on your maintenance in order to install the latest version of the software. Please log into your account in the upper right hand corner of the website to download the latest version for which you are allowed. You can also purchase your yearly maintenance if it is past dues so you can download the latest release.


  • First version of AcroPlot that will NOT run on Windows XP and Vista.
  • Supported on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 and newer operating systems only.
  • Fixed a bug in the 2019-07-23 build that caused conversion to fail on some machines.


  • Final version of AcroPlot Repro that will run on Windows XP and Vista.  Trying to continue to support these legacy operating systems is limiting our future improvements so with Windows XP now unsupported for 5 years and Windows Vista for 2 years it's time for AcroPlot Repro to move on also.
  • Fixed a bug in the 2019-07-22 build that caused conversion to fail on some machines.



  • Support for Windows 10 (32 and 64 bit) and all updates as of 2016-08-03. Also supported as far back as Windows XP.
  • Improved support for using certain Fonts when they are not embedded in the PDF file but equivalent fonts are installed on the system.


  • **Critical** Updated some of the dithering patterns which were causing larger dots than previous versions.


  • **Critical** Updated support for latest Windows updates which caused older versions to stop working.
  • Revised core processing kernel for better processing and resource utilization.
  • Fixed several user reported conversion problems with monochrome output and hatches.
  • Fixed several user reported font conversion problems.
  • Updated the User Interface to a more modern design. Under the Setup Options there are now several different User Interface Color options to choose from.
  • Preliminary support for Windows 10.


  • Updated support for latest Windows updates.
  • Worked on improving missing fonts warnings when some fonts are embedded and others are not in the file.
  • Worked on improving the minimum lineweight settings.
  • Fixed a few user reported conversion problems.


  • Full support for Windows 8.1
  • Improved support for dual monitor systems
  • Several user reported bugs one file specific conversions have been resolved.


  • Fixed a user reported clipping problem in certain DWF files.
  • Fixed a bug in the Autodesk DWF Toolkit which would cause certain DWF files with thousands of polymarker objects to crash..
  • Fixed -dRemoveWhiteSpace command line option for cropping the output.
  • Fixed a problem on some computers with processing skipping some pages.
  • Made some revisions to the way we setup Repro Desk and Oce Publisher to work with our program per some changes we worked out with Oce to make both programs more efficient.
  • Added a minimum lineweight setting to the AcroPlot Repro interface.


  • Fixed a user reported problem with certain DWF files missing some information.
  • Fixed the keyboard shortcuts for the files list for deleting objects from the list after selecting all objects.
  • Fixed the renumber files command to work with all file extensions.


  • Fixed the Add Entire Folder button on some installs and the white space cropping.
  • Minor updates to resolve file conversion issues for non-standard PDF's, inconsistent DWF output from various Autodesk products, and font management workarounds for clients submitting files without embedded fonts.


  • Fixed a line weight problem in a customer supplied PDF file.


  • Improved font handling for some DWF files that had invalid font names for the embedded fonts.
  • Fixed the right-click Windows Explorer Menus for 64 bit operating systems.
  • Improved the interface to allow running two different instances or AcroPlot Repro with different settings to process files at the same time.
  • Fixed some lineweight problems in user supplied files that had lineweights defined as almost 0.
  • Fixed Ctrl+A and Delete buttons to work in the files list to select all files or delete selected files.
  • Added support for basic PDF annotations that did not have annotation content streams defined with them.


  • Improved performance on a customer's file that had thousands of clipping paths that were identical.


  • Added additional support for more line types in DWF files.
  • Added a Saved Settings drop down in the interface so you can save and restore the main settings.
  • Added a special Saved Settings name called Default that will be the settings we always use when you start the program regardless of what was used last.
  • Please note that this release now has the same functionality as Ghostscript for the -sOutputFile command line option.  This means that in the past where we would automatically append on the 4 digit page extension you must now tell use to do it using the -%04d parameter.  This is to be more compatible with Ghostscript and to support multipage image formats in the future.  Example -sOutputFile="C:\SomeFile-%04d.tiff" will create files like C:\SomeFile-0001.tiff and C:\SomeFile-0002.tiff.


  • Fixed a problem with some PDF files where we were converting the lines at the thickness specified in the PDF where our older versions as well as Ghostscript made the lines thicker.


  • Fixed a manifest problem in the AcroPlotReproHalfsize.exe and AcroPlotReproMonitor.exe programs that might prevent them from starting on certain configurations.  Sorry about the minor bug that we missed in final testing.


  • Improved AcroPlot Repro's command line support for Repro Desk and other programs.
  • Fixed some minor DWF conversion bugs.
  • Fixed a bug where wipeouts in DWF may not be converted properly.
  • Added support for color output with Repro Desk.


  • Fixed a problem with the AcroPlot Repro Enhanced patterns where it was actually using the Clustered 64 shades instead of our enhanced patterns.


  • Added an option to remove white space from the resulting image.  On monochrome output this will crop the page to the first and last black pixel it finds.  On color output it looks for any non white pixel.  This may or may not work with PDF files that are scanned in images because it might find a speckle from the scan or the scan may not be pure white.
  • Revised the ghostscript output to use the Crop Box for the page which is what all PDF viewers see when you view a page in a PDF.


  • Minor Update to fix a bug with certain JPEG 2000 images in the PDF where the image was being skewed.
  • Added an option in the Setup-Options to suppress the progress dialog box when converting through Repro Desk and other programs.


  • Minor Update to fix a problem with the About Dialog box and some debug code we had mistakenly left in the release version.


  • Revised the installer so it would not conflict on certain systems that had AcroPlot Pro installed on also.


  • Fixed a user reported bug with some DWF files that did not have all the standard font properties in the DWF file and would not convert.
  • Fixed the gradient fill limitations.  Even large number of gradient fills will now be treated as gradients.  Please note that when you do have thousands of gradient fills it does greatly increase processing time.


  • Fixed a user reported bug with DWF files with comments not converting properly.
  • Fixed a user reported bug with DWF files with huge number of gradient fills ( 7000) not converting.  Due to memory limitations gradients for those files will be converted to solid fills.


  • Fixed a user reported bug with DWF files that were not converting as a blank page.
  • Revised command line parameters to match some of Ghostscript's calls as well as adding some additional ones for AcroPlot Repro features.  Please see the Command Line Options in the Help.
  • Added some output types in the Command Line Parameters to match some of Ghostscripts.


  • Fixed a user reported bug with text being slanted when Helvetica fonts were installed.
  • Fixed an internal bug with some DWF files that were likely corrupt but would view in Design Review but not convert in AcroPlot Repro.
  • Fixed a user reported bug with stamps in certain DWF files showing up as transparent when they should not be.


  • Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit) Support Added.
  • Fix for slanted text in customer supplied files.
  • Enhancement to check the file type for plt files and to use Ghostscript to convert Postscript PDF files if you have Ghostscript installed on your computer.
  • Improved performance for high resolution color output.
  • Added additional output format options for color output.
  • Added support for user defined units (scaling) in PDF files.
  • Added support for Packaged PDF files.


  • Revised the font rendering to improve thin True Type Fonts like RomanS when line thickness is only 1 pixel wide.


  • Enabled DWF markup conversion also after that somehow got disabled in the 2009-04-27 release.


  • Added support for PDF files where the fonts are not properly embedded.  Several user supplied ArchiCAD PDF files seamed to have this problem.
  • Added additional warnings if PDF files have problems or invalid data.
  • Added a warning and error image so it's easier for users to know if warning or errors occurred.
  • Fixed some DWF and DWFx files that users supplied which were not converted over 100% correctly.


  • Support for DWFx files added.
  • Fixed the DWF font problems with Revit DWF files where multiple subsets of the same font are embedded on a page.  Just like the Autodesk Design Review we will now substitute those fonts with the Arial font.
  • Improved dithering patters for all file types.  Check out our new AcroPlot Repro Enhanced 2 pattern which works well for light thin lines.
  • Fixed several customer reported problems with specific PDF, DWF, and DWFx files.
  • Improved speed on certain files.
  • Added a right-click option from Windows Explorer.  (Not yet available in Vista).


  • Fixed drag and drop support so users can drag files from Windows Explorer into the files list.
  • Improved the speed of the PLT to Image conversion.
  • Fixed the delete function so it selects the next file after deleting one.
  • Changed the slider to a textbox and up and down arrows for the Brightness control.
  • Fixed a registration problem on 64 bit machines.
  • Fixed some problems on Vista installs.


  • Fixed some user reported bugs on a few  PDF files that did not process correctly.
  • Added the beta version of the color output for color LZW compressed tiff files.


  • Fixed a problem with more fonts in multipage DWF files.


  • Fixed a problem with certain fonts in multipage DWF files.


  • Fixed a problem with PDF files that contained only a single grayscale image from a monochrome scanned in image.


  • Fixed a problem with DWF files that had a 0 height for text but the text was still showing up.


  • Fixed a problem in the registration dialog that might unregister your regular AcroPlot software if you had both programs installed.


  • Revised the command line string that we use for DWF files in Oce Repro Desk 1.6 because of a bug in Repro Desk where they do not rename the files after they are created like they do with the PDF files.  The new command line string is: C:\Program Files\AcroPlotRepro\AcroPlotRepro.exe -r400x400 -sOutputFile="%d\%n-%06d.tiff" "%f".


  • Fixed a bug in some DWF files where the textmask was transparent.
  • Added the AcroPlot Repro Enhanced Dithering 2 which is slightly better for gradient fills without loosing the light gray color optimization.


  • Fixed a problem in the Installshield installation where selecting Modify would not install the new files on the update.


  • Added a Check For Updates function under the Help Menu.
  • Fixed problems with the install in XP64 and Vista 64 bit that caused the program to not run if certain files were not installed.
  • More speed improvements in both PDF and DWF files.


  • Fixed a problem with certain PDF files where the lineweights of text were varied by a pixel.
  • Changed the output filename to not add the -0001 when running through our interface for single page PDF or DWF files.
  • Added the ability to sort filenames in our interface.
  • Added the ability to resize columns in our interface and have the columns restored to that width the next time you run it.


  • Greatly improved the speed of conversion for DWF files.
  • Improved speed of PDF files with images.  Most non lines merge PDF files should be close to the speed of ghostscript now where ones with lines merge will be 10-20 times faster.
  • Fixed a bug with PDF files that had both document level rotation and page level rotation which was causing the image to be stretched.
  • Fixed a bug in some DWF files where text was being dropped out.
  • Enabled drag and drop from Windows Explorer to the files list in our interface.
  • Modified the AcroPlotReproHalfsize.exe program to allow you to both decrease and increase the scale of the conversion when running through other programs like Oce Repro Desk, KIP Powerprint, and Metaprint.
  • Fixed the dialog to not steal focus from the current program you are working with when running through other programs like Oce Repro Desk, KIP Powerprint, and Metaprint.


  • Improved speed of conversions and most noticeably in the conversion of PDF files that have a single scanned in image in the PDF.
  • Added support for using AcroPlot Repro to process PLT files from Repro Desk also.
  • Fixed some screening problems with PDF files created from ArchiCAD.

  • Added a warning dialog box for times when fonts in the DWF or PDF are not embedded and cannot be resolved on the system.  This is turned on by default and will also display with Oce Repro Desk, KIP Powerprint, and MetaPrint that normally do not provide you with this information.
  • Added AcroPlotReproHalfsize.exe which if running will allow us to create true half size conversions from Oce Repro Desk, KIP Powerprint, and Metaprint even though they do not pass us this information.
  • Added a rename button which will rename the output files so they are in alphabetical order according to the order you have them in our interface in case you have to then take the TIFF files and bring them into one of the other programs to send to the plotter.
  • Added support to preview DWF files even if you do not have the Autodesk Design Review installed.
  • Fixed a rotation problem in some PDF files.
  • Added buttons on the brightness so you can easily increase or decrease it by a single step now.
  • Improved support for Vista operating systems.
  • The program is now back to being just three exe files (AcroPlotRepro.exe, AcroPlotReproHalfsize.exe and AcroPlotReproMonitor.exe used to notify of missing fonts) with no external runtime files required.  This means you no longer have to run our install to install it on additional machines and also since nothing has to be registered you do not need to have administrator rights to install it!

  • Added support for KIP Powerprint Request 6.0 as well as multipage PDF files through Powerprint.
  • Fixed a problem where the setup wasn't copying over the correct AcroPlotRepro.exe to the psscript.exe for the KIP Powerprint Request software.
  • Fixed a problem with some Revit DWF files where extra lines were being added around detail bullet arrowheads.


  • All features now work on Windows XP, XP64, Vista, and Vista64 operating systems.  The new install is now an Installshield MSI based install and it must install some of the latest Microsoft C++ runtime files so you can no longer just copy the exe to other computers, you must run the install to make sure the Microsoft files are available.
  • Fixed a problem with the cached font data not being updated when a user installed a new font on the system.  It now does that and it also clears out the cached data every 24 hours.  This will result in a 5-20 second delay on the first file when we have to rebuild the data but it’s only 1 file per day and the safest way to handle it.
  • Fixed a problem where dot hatch patterns in DWF files were not being converted.

  • Fixed a problem where colors 5% black and below were being dropped out.  It appears that ghostscript drops out 3% or below but we set ours to 1% or below now.
  • Fixed a display problem with metric DWF paper sizes in the AcroPlot Repro interface for DWF files.  The files were being converted properly it’s just it was listing the size in metric even if you have the display units set to inches.
  • Due to Windows Vista compatibility problems with our technology to package a single exe file we must now install some Microsoft components on the host machine so you can no longer just copy over the exe file to a computer.  More information on this will be included in the help files.


  • Fixed the random text justification problems with the Revit DWF files.
  • Rewrote the installer to be an MSI compatible Installshield package.  You should uninstall the old version prior to installing the new version.


  • Added the AcroPlot Repro Enhanced Dithering which is optimized for thin light gray lines and text to minimize what gets dropped out.


  • Added the .000 extension for Microstation PLT files.


  • Added the ability for AcroPlot Repro to pass Postscript files through to Ghostscript if installed if you are using it in Repro Desk.  Also added the ps and eps formats to the selection for AcroPlot Repro if Ghostscript is installed.


  • Fixed a problem with the install for the KIP Powerprint Request Software.
  • Fixed a problem with the KIP Powerprint when using the Quickview command in Powerprint.
  • Added the ability to use AcroPlot Repro for the DWF Processing in Oce Repro Desk also.


  • Added a setup screen to AcroPlot Repro that runs on install so you can select which programs to use Repro with instead of manually configuring the KIP, Metaprint, and Oce software programs.
  • Added the ability for AcroPlot Repro to search for Ghostscript installed on your system.  If it does not find Ghostsctipt then it will not allow you to set Ghostsctipt as the dithering type now.  This should prevent errors in the future.
  • Added the ability to Save and leave the setup dialog open. This should be useful for Oce users since you could use our setup to switch between one of our dithering patterns and Ghostscript without shutting down Oce Repro Desk or Publisher.  Just set Repro Desk or Publisher to use AcroPlot Repro and then change the dithering pattern in the AcroPlot Repro instead.