Does AcroPlot work with AutoCAD LT?

AcroPlot does not directly work with AutoCAD LT because Autodesk removes the programming interface from LT that third party developers such as ourselves need to use to interface with the AutoCAD program.  They also strictly forbid  (through our contract with them)  Autodesk Registered Developers such as ourselves from providing any functionality inside of AutoCAD LT.

Because of these limitations we have our own direct converter which does not require AutoCAD or LT to be installed on the computer.  It does a pretty excellent job of converting most files but does have the following limitations.

  • Because we cannot interface wiht AutoCAD Lt it does not run directly inside of AutoCAD LT.  This means that the AcroPlot Jr. as well as the menu and toolbars will not display or work.  You will only be able to run the full AcroPlot Pro from the desktop and convert files using that.

  • Our direct converter does not support all custom objects either.  It does support most AEC objects but not all.  It also does not support any 3rd party developer custom objects that you would have to install an object enabler into LT for either.