Microsoft Windows Scripting Runtime is not Properly Installed Error Message

The Windows Scripting Host is part of the Microsoft Operating System and seldom causes a problem.  But if you get this message when trying to run our program than one of the solutions below is probably the cause.

1.) The most likely cause is that you do not have one of the latest versions of our program installed.  Hence a version from 2008 or 2009 you can't expect to run on Windows 7.  In order to use  the latest version you must be current on your maintenance.  You can install it to test it but it might prompt you to register it online.  You can run and test it at that point but you will get watermarks on your output.

When you purchase our software you get 1 year of free upgrades and support.  After that you were supposed to purchase yearly maintenance but we did not enforce it for many years.  Unfortunately we cannot stay in business by not enforcing it and our relicensing partners require us to purchase new licenses also. 

Please log into your account in the upper right and make sure that you are current on your maintenance and download and install the new version to see if that resolves the problem.  Again you can download from the download page and test if that is the problem without being current but you will get watermarks on your output.

2.) Another cause may be that something has happened to unregister the Windows Scripting Runtime in your operating system.

You can try right clicking on our AcroPlot Pro icon and then doing the Run As Administrator which might allow us to reregister the Microsoft scrrun.dll properly.

If that doesn't work try going to the Windows->Start->Accessories->Command Prompt and right click on that to Run As Administrator. Then when that comes up type in regsvr32.exe scrrun.dll and hit enter. It should then give you a prompt on if it succeeded or not.

3.) Another cause might be that your antivirus is for some reason blocking our access to it.  We have not had a case where Norton or McAfee block anything but some of the free and cheaper antivirus programs tend to throw up more false positives.  Try temporarily disabling your antivirus and see if that solves it.

Submitting a Support Request if these do not solve the problem.

If none of these solve your problem please open a help ticket by clicking on the Support link at the top of the page and please provide us with as much information as possible like what Antivirus you are using as well as what version of our software you have downloaded and if you downloaded it from our downloads page or by logging into your account.