April 2015 Windows Update Causing Xenocode Error

It appears that a Microsoft Windows Update on April 15, 2015 has caused a fatal error in the older versions of our software which will not allow the software to run.  You  may receive an error such as:

"Xenocode Virtual App Studio ISV Edition
The application was unable to load a required virtual machine component. Please contact the publisher of this application for more information."

For users who are current on your maintenance simply log into your account and download and install the latest version of our software to resolve this error.

Unfortunately for users not on maintenance there is no workaround at this point for the old versions.   The Xenocode Virtual App was a technology we used to wrap up the various components of the program to make it an easier install and to prevent conflicts with other software that might use the same components.  Uninstalling and reinstalling our software with the older versions will not resolve the problem.

Users who are not current on maintenance can test out the current version from the downloads page but to register it you will have to log into your account to purchase your past due maintenance.  We hope you remember how much time and money AcroPlot has saved you through the years and realize the hard efforts by our team to make your job easier.