AcroPlot Repro Benefits

Learn about all of the benefits that AcroPlot Repro provides to make your print output better.
AcroPlot Repro™ is a fast and efficient application for converting PDF, DWF, and PLT files to high quality TIFF for printing, plotting, online planroom distributions, or archiving. It is also simple to install and requires virtually no training to use.


  • AcroPlot Repro is optimized to process large format architectural, engineering, and manufacturing PDF and DWF drawings and designs.
  • PDF and DWF files that are "lines merge" enabled from AutoCAD or contain transparencies will convert to TIFF in a fraction of the time it takes Ghostscript or other PDF processing utilities.


  • AcroPlot Repro will convert PDF and DWF files at 100 to 600 true DPI with advanced controls for     grayscale patterns, density, and contrast.
  • 50% reductions or plotting PDF and DWF files at half-size yield consistent grayscales because AcroPlot Repro reduces the vector file before rendering it to TIFF. Other programs process the PDF or DWF to TIFF at full scale and then reduce the TIFF by 50% which results in significantly darker grayscales when printing reductions.
  • Meet your client's specifications and preferences with better print quality and conversion controls.
  • Below are enlarged views comparing the difference in quality when converting a PDF or DWF file to TIFF using AcroPlot Repro. Lines and grayscales are rendered more accurately with AcroPlot Repro.
AcroPlot Repro at 300 DPI
PDF to TIFF Conversion at 300 DPI with AcroPlot Repro Image. Lines and Grayscale Patterns are Crisp and Clean. Depth Grayscales Provide Accurate Representation when Printing Architectural and Engineering Drawings.
Ghostscript at 300 DPI
PDF to TIFF Conversion at 300 DPI with Ghostscript Image. Lines and Grayscale Patterns are undesirable for use with printing architectural and engineering drawings.


  • Use AcroPlot Repro as a direct replacement for Ghostscript in applications like OcĂ© Repro Desk,KIP Request, MetaPrint, or other software applications.
  • AcroPlot Repro also runs as a standalone application to batch convert PDF and DWF files to high quality TIFF files for printing, plotting, or digital upload to online planrooms and content management systems. This allows you to install additional copies on non-production PC's and utilize other systems for conversion processing.
AcroPlot Repro Program Screen Shot - AcroPlot Repro can Run as a Standalone Application for Batch Converting PDF, DWF and PLT files to High Quality TIFF files for Printing, Plotting, and Archiving.