Why Doesn't AcroPlot List My Version of AutoCAD?

AcroPlot looks at the Windows System Registry to see if the user has AutoCAD Installed on the machine and will only count AutoCAD as being installed once the user has actually ran the specific version of AutoCAD.

If you are not seeing your version of AutoCAD listed in the drop down it is likely due to one of these reasons.

1.) AutoCAD has not actually been ran (opened) by the user on the machine.  If you install AutoCAD as the Administrator you must also run it to initialize the settings in AutoCAD for us to consider it a valid install.

2.) If you are running an older version of AutoCAD that was not originally supported on your operating system and you are running it under Compatibility Mode or with the Run As Administrator checked then for AcroPlot to see your AutoCAD you might have to change those same setting in the Compatibility Tab for the AcroPlot.exe or for the Desktop Shortcut for AcroPlot. If you need to support multiple versions of AutoCAD that have different Compatibility Mode settings you will likely need to start AutoCAD first and then run AcroPlot from inside of AutoCAD instead of the Desktop.

3.) You are using an older version of AcroPlot which did not support your version yet.  Each time Autodesk releases a new version of AutoCAD we must recompile AcroPlot to work with it.  Autodesk has typically released AutoCAD around the end of March each year and usually they call it 2018 when released in 2017.  So if you are running AutoCAD 2018 on a version of AcroPlot released prior to say April 1, 2017 then our program does not support it and you will have to log into your account online to download the latest version of AcroPlot if you are current on your maintenance.  If you are not current on your maintenance then you will have to purchase your yearly maintenance in order to download the latest version of AcroPlot.

4.) You are using AutoCAD LT.  We cannot provide conversion directly through AutoCAD LT because Autodesk removes the programming interfaces from AutoCAD LT for 3rd Party Developers to interact with it.  This is one of the reasons they sell AutoCAD LT for a lower prices.  Please Click Here to learn more about our support for AutoCAD LT.